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Press release no. 6/2018

Rho, December 2018

It is the fashion right now, popular on social media and decidedly instagram-friendly, it is setting the

tone even in the food world: it is the colour pink in all its different shades.

Bussy, has always been a “pink” company, as 80% of the people who work for the company are women, the person at the head of the business and the family’s tradition is a woman, Vittoria Vandone, and after the starred chef, Viviana Varese, recently joined the team, it was inevitable that the company would join the colour movement and create new products all in pink.

The famous Bussy Cannolo has been decorated with strawberry puffed rice sprinkles as well as the much loved Kikere, LeCestine and Sigarette Holly.

The result is an experience with a unique flavour, the perfect balance between a crunch wafer covered with velvety chocolate and a fragrant pink sprinkle with the sweet natural aroma of strawberry. An elegant colour, pink, that Bussy, a pioneer, had already included in a catalogue with the pink Cannolo Flù, a rolled up fuchsia wafer with an inside coating of milk chocolate, excellent for preparing sweets or savouries.

But the novelties do not end here, the world of decorations is also painted pink. Alongside the crunchy and tasty little wafer hearts in the Amour line, a true declaration of love; are strawberry Riccioli, soft pastel pink chocolate and also Crunchy Strawberry, cracking strawberry flavoured puffed rice perfect for topping ice cream cups of contrasting flavours, and lastly the Meringhette with sprigs and drops and Codette of pink sugar, excellent, for example, for decorating black charcoal Cannoli Neri by Bussy, a colour contrast certain to brighten any display case.

But it is not over here, others tasty surprises will be reveal during Sigep 2019. First of all, the entry into the Bussy team of the starred Chef Viviana Varese, as the brand’s face for the next two years and, not least, a second Bussy stand.

For the first time Bussy is splitted and creates a small stand (stand D5, hall 118) in the “pastry” sector of the Rimini fair as affirmation of the versatility of its products. The Bussy wafers and cannoli are suitable for the ice-cream shop and pastry and are suitable both for sweet and surprising salty preparations.

For contacts and other information:

Press office Bussy srl

Daniela Compassi – mobile +39 340.0751865
Email. daniela@danielacompassi.it

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