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Ciokkolone filled with soft dark gianduja ice cream, coated with milk chocolate gianduja and praline-coated cocoa nibs.

Soft Dark Gianduja Ice Cream


  • Whole milk 1030 g
  • 35% cream 50 g
  • Gianduja chocolate 150 g
  • Sugar 225 g
  • 38DE glucose syrup 45 g
  • Invert sugar 15 g
  • 22% cocoa powder 15 g
  • Skimmed milk powder 35 g
    Neutral milk stabiliser (hot) 7 g
    Vanilla pod 5 g


Pasteurise at 82 °C as usual and age for at least 4 hours at +4 °C.


Dispense the soft ice cream straight into the previously chilled Ciokkolone, harden for at least an hour and coat 3/5 with milk chocolate gianduja heated to 42 °C, then roll 1/5 in praline-coated cocoa nibs. Alternatively, coat completely in dark gianduja and decorate as desired with white chocolate.

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