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Gluttony is maintenance of life”
(Leonardo da Vinci)

Our Exhibition

Dates:12–16 March 2022
Our Stand: Pavilion C5 Booth 094
Places: Rimini (ITALY)
Dates: from 13th to 17th of February 2022
Our Stand:
Luogo: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Dates: 28 Novembre - 01 Dicembre 2021
Our Stand:Pavilion A1 Aisle I
Place: Longarone BL (ITALY)
Dates: from 22nd to 26th of October 2021
Place: Milan (ITALY)
Periodo: 16-20 Febbraio 2020
Stand Bussy: Padiglione:1 Stand:E1-50
Dates: from 15th to 19th of February 2020
Our Stand: Pavilion 10D71
Place: Stuttgart (GERMANY)
Dates: from 18th to 22nd of January 2020
Our Stand: Pavilion: C5 Stand: 129 Pavilion: B5 Stand: 052
Place: Rimini (ITALY)
Dates: from 18th to 22nd of October 2019
Our Stand: Pavilion: 6 Stand: D32 – E 33
Place: Milan (ITALY)
Dates: from 5th to 9th October 2019
Our Stand: Pavilion: 7.1 Stand: A28 – B29
Place: Cologne (GERMANY)
Dates: from 18th to 21st of May 2019
Our Stand: Bellavita Italian Pavilion, Stand: 9259
Place: Chicago (THE U.S)
Dates: from 6th to 9th of May 2019
Our Stand: Pavilion 4 Stand H12-H14
Place: Milan (ITALY)
Dates: 19th to 23rd of January 2019
Our stand: Pavilion C5 STAND 129
Place: Rimini (ITALY)
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