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Passion Fruit Glass

Soft fior di latte gelato with passion fruit sauce, decorated with Le Cialdine.

Fior Di Latte Ice Cream For Soft


  • Whole milk yoghurt 1 lt
  • 38% cream 330 g
  • Sugar 280 g
  • Skimmed milk powder 100 g
  • 38DE glucose syrup 50 g
  • Dextrose 330 g


Heat the milk and cream to 45 °C, mix all the dry powdered ingredients together in a separate bowl, then combine both mixtures and pasteurise at 85 °C. Leave the mixture to age for at least 4 hours, then move on to the churning phase.

Passion Fruit Sauce


  • Passion fruit 500 g
  • Sugar 380 g
  • 38DE glucose syrup 120 g
  • Neutral stabiliser 5 g


Heat the fruit to 35 °C, then add 200g sugar and heat to 70 °C. Add the remaining ingredients (which should have been mixed together beforehand) and heat to 95 °C for at least five minutes. The mixture should then be left to cool quickly to prevent the fruit from oxidising.


Pour 50 ml sauce into the bottom of the glass and, after leaving everything to cool to 3 °C, dispense the soft ice cream using the classic star-shaped nozzle. Add a layer of Bussy “Le Cialdine”, top with more ice cream and decorate with another 100 ml passion fruit sauce. Finish decorating by serving with “Le Cialdine”. Blast chill before serving.

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