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Soft tropical lime and cachaca ice cream decorated with Yoggjfrù.

Soft Tropical Lime And Cachaca Ice Cream


  • Whole milk yoghurt 530 g
  • Water 500 g
  • 35% cream 280 g
  • Sugar 215 g
  • 38DE glucose syrup 55 g
  • 18DE maltodextrine 25 g
  • Skimmed milk powder 65 g
  • Inulin 25 g
  • Cachaca 50 g
    Lime juice 20 g
    Neutral all-purpose stabiliser 7 g


Heat the water to 45 °C, add the powdered ingredients (mixed together beforehand), add the cream and pasteurise at 85 °C. When the mixture reaches 45 °C as it is cooling, add the yoghurt, lime juice and alcohol. Age for at least 4 hours, at a temperature of +4 °.


Place a few YoggjFrù on the bottom of an ice cream bowl, fill generously with the soft ice cream and decorate as desired with more YoggjFrù.

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