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Press Release 7/2019

Rho, June 2019

Perfect for decorating ice cream dishes, for making a Bussy wafer even more inviting in the window of a bakery shop, or to embellish a dessert in a restaurant: this is Decor’ami new from Bussy: delicious toppings for decoration with neutral flavour in captivating colours, intended as a valuable tool for the imagination of ice cream makers, pastry chefs and chefs.

Decor’ami is a line of creams that enrich Bussy products for the world of decoration in the gelateria and pastry bakery, joining Purpurry and the range of wafers.

Putting Decor’ami together with a Bussy wafer, an ice cream dish is enriched with a captivating colour and unique crunch; its delicate flavour, creamy consistency and shiny colour marries perfectly with any flavour for ice creams or patisserie.

Decor’ami is the perfect product for decorating a semifreddo, creamy dessert, frozen yoghurt, or for finishing off a plated dessert in a restaurant; the chef’s signature touch that makes the difference!

Simple to use, the new Decor’ami line is sold in bottles with a practical and easy to use nozzle cap that dispenses the product with a light pressure, to ensure perfect decoration and detail without the risk of smudging or squirting too much cream in the bowl, on the wafer or on the dish.

Available in 4 colours: white, pink, green and black, in bold and elegant shades ideal for original and fashionable desserts.

The quality of Decor’ami comes from the selection of quality raw materials: natural flavours, no palm oil and gluten free. It is sold in 1kg packs (in cartons of 6 packs) and has a shelf life of 24 months.

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