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Press release no. 2/2019

Rimini, January 2019

Bussy’s participation at the 2019 Sigep fair will be extra special for two reasons: the company has a new member on its team, in the person of chef Viviana Varese, and it has also renewed its partnership with Gambero Rosso.


Viviana Varese, the Michelin-starred chef of Alice Ristorante, will be the new “face” of Bussy for the next two years. During that time, she will be working to create delicious and crunchy new recipes, both sweet and savoury, using the brand’s flagship products, and she will be in attendance at the forthcoming Sigep 2019 fair.

For Viviana Varese, food is synonymous with life and, just like life, it requires passion, commitment, creativity, dedication and humility. All traits that the chef has in common with Bussy, a family-run business, deeply attached to the local area, that, for over 50 years, has been producing wafer biscuits that are well known and enjoyed the world over. Bussy has always set great store by excellence, the use of quality ingredients and research, and these are also traits that characterise the dishes produced by Viviana Varese.

This collaboration, between the owner of Bussy Vittoria Vandone and the chef Viviana Varese, is one that was very much wanted on both sides. Essentially it will take the form of an all-round partnership involving art, flavours, experimentation, tradition, innovation and a quest to capture the authenticity of a taste or a territory – even beyond Italy’s national boundaries.


For the second year running, Bussy has confirmed its partnership with Gambero Rosso, once again supporting the “Gelatiere Emergente” contest to find the up and coming gelatiere of the year. Furthermore, for the third year, Bussy will have an advertising page in the Gambero Rosso guide to Italian gelaterias, the 2019 version of which is being previewed at Sigep on Monday, 21 January. “Our presence there is important and indeed indispensable” remarked Vittoria Vandone, owner of Bussy. “All of us in this sector have a duty to support and carry on the tradition and art of artisanal gelato, and it is very important to reward those who, with dedication and careful study, work on this particular product on a daily basis.”


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