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Cannolo Mignon Val Di Noto With Hints Of Kumquat

A new original recipe, created exclusively for Bussy by Master Pastry Chef Alessandro Racca.

Creamy Ganache With Caramel And Val Di Noto Almonds


Sucrose 150 g
“Val di Noto” almond paste 150 g
UHT 38% cream 50 g
Sugar 95 g
Zagara honey 145 g
Pasteurized butter 75 g
“36%” white chocolate 400 g
Fresh Kumquat 25 g


Caramelise the sugar without liquid with 15 g of honey, when it turns a blond colour pour it onto a silicone baking mat and let it cool.
Process in a cutter with the almond paste until smooth and uniform.
In a separate pan, bring the cream, conquater and honey to a boil, add the chocolate, emulsify to a temperature of 45°C and stir in the butter.
Fill the cannoli with the mixture and crystallize for at least 24 hours at a max. temperature of 20°C.


Decorate with caramelised almond and/or conquater, and cover the end with Mompariglia pieces.

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