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FAQs: Frequently Asked

This section contains answers to the questions our customers most frequently ask.
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What does the wording "Bricelets de Vevey" on the Bussy brand mean?

Bricelets de Vevey was the name of the Swiss company acquired by the first producer in Italy in the 1950s.

What nationality is Bussy?

Bussy is an Italian company, established in the 1950s in Milan, in the north of Italy where it is still based.

Is there a Mr. Bussy?

No. Bussy is a brand that was originally Swiss, taken over in 1967 by Mr. Luigi Vandone, father of the current owner.

Where did the Cannolo come from?

Before buying the Bussy company, Mr Luigi Vandone had more than twenty years of experience with artisan confectionery.
Buying a company that produced wafers, he created the first wafer in semi-finished form in a rolled shape.
Bussy then became known for their rolled wafers (or “Cannoli” in Italian).

How are the Cannoli filled?

Simple, with everything that is creamy… ice cream, custard, cream, semifreddo, even ganache!

How many items do you have in your catalogue?

It is hard to say, more than 150, but every month a new wafer is invented.

Do you use preservatives?

No, it is a low moisture, low fat product, so it does not need preservatives.

Do you use artificial dyes?

No, all our colours are natural, our products simple and natural.

Is Bussy production GMO free?

Certainly and it has been for many years. Our raw material suppliers are carefully selected and monitored by our QM team.

Why do my Cannoli become soft after they are filled with gelato or semifreddo?

The quality of the wafer comes from the percentage of sugar content that makes the product hygroscopic.
Therefore, before filling the Bussy rolled wafers with gelato or semifreddo, we recommend chilling them for at least 15 minutes.

Why don't the Kikere stay upright after they are filled?

Bussy’s Kikeras are small sugar wafer bowls, they have a particular rounded shape.For proper use, use a pleated cup.

What is the easiest way to fill a Trottola?

Bussy’s Trottolas are filled easily and quickly using a soft ice cream machine or small scoop.

At what temperature should Bussy products be stored in their original packaging?

The ideal temperature for storing Bussy products is between 10° and 25° C. (50° – 77° F)

How long is the shelf life of Bussy products?

Each product has an individual expiration date, but because they are a low moisture content product, they keep for a long time.

Once the package is open, how long do Bussy products last?

If properly stored in their original packaging, without being directly exposed to air, Bussy products can be used until the “best before” date shown on the package.

Where can I buy Bussy products?

Bussy distributes its products through wholesalers specialising in the confectionery/ice cream field.
To find the wholesaler closest to you, contact us at e-mail

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